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My first contact with the radio still took place during my school time over the CB radio. Due to my activities in the building of electronic circuits I was interested in the amateur radio in the sense of the experimentation radio to build with the possibility of devices and antennas themselves.
1982 I acquired a C-License at that time with the callsign DG3KBN. in self-training by my military training (naval radio operator) found I a special relationship to the telegraphy. 1985 I acquired a B-License at that time with my current callsign DL6KCF.
Since 1982 I am member in the DARC and the local federation Siebengebirge G25. My activities association lives in the OV counted into the eighties above all the building of antennas and structure, the support of the scouts on each year working the JOTA and a highlight was intend the D1-Mission for G25.

Today I find unfortunately hardly still time for this beautiful hobby, praise however improvement.


greetings vy 73, de DL6KCF
Jürgen Schmitz